Friday, January 30, 2009

My Manicure--Part 2 As Long as the Baby Stays Asleep

Ooh, he's already awake as I begin to type. And while it's true that I've become quite good at the One-Handed Type (and with either hand--how ambidextrous of me!) I still much prefer using both hands. So we'll see how much of the story I get through.

Perhaps not. Holding and typing is one thing. Nursing and typing is too much for me to finish a whole story. I think I'll let it die. Suffice it to say, I did get my nails done, they were beautiful, and I'm definitely going back soon. After all, I only used half of my gift certificate.

Perhaps next time I'll transfer my attentions to enthralling tales of being housebound with my darlings for two days. If you can believe it, they spent most of the past 48 hours at least half naked while "the biggest winter storm Indiana has seen in over ten years" has blanketed our town. Evidently their bodies think they were born on a tropical island somewhere. Either that, or I have the heater and the humidifier up too high.

And to all a goodnight.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 25 Random Things

25. I love organizing and decorating.
24. I love reading, esp MM Kaye stuff
23. I have a cat named Daphne, who I tolerate b/c my daughter loves her.
22. It turns out, I don't much like owning cats.
21. I really like peanut butter (and sometimes jelly) sandwiches. I usually eat about 5 per week.
20. I love singing.
21. I also really like singing while playing piano.
18. I evidently can't count backwards.
17. I am studying Esther and love it.
16. I love Beth Moore Bible studies b/c she makes you work & think hard. And b/c she's really fun.
15. My husband is a lot more romantic than he lets on.
14. I am a very happy wife.
13. My kids are even cuter than everyone says.
12. They are also very good at making me angry enough to yell.
11. I like it when my house is quiet.
10. I am learning to do the dishes before they take up every inch of counter space I have.
9. My husband is a MUCH better cook than I am.
8. But I make baked goods better (pst--it's because I love to eat them)
7. I love to hang out with my brother and sister.
6. My mom and I sound identical when we laugh, to the point of eeriness.
5. I am so glad that God saved Matt.
4. I love to write.
3. I love to tell stories, esp funny ones.
2. I love words in general.
1. I want to be a Women of Faith speaker when I grow up.

I could've done so many more than the requested 25, but no one likes a show-off. Besides, I gotta leave some things to the imagination.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Manicure--Part 1

Back in August when I was still very pregnant and awaiting Dawson's arrival, Matt had to work nights putting in the lovely floors at a new nail salon. I've gotten used to him working at night from time to time, but what was unexpected this time was just how long these nights were. He was supposed to be getting home around midnight, and it turned into 4am or 5am. Now, I know that I wouldn't have been seeing him during these hours anyway, but seeing as how as was very pregnant and expecting to go into labor at any moment, I wasn't exactly happy when he called me to break the news. However, the owner was saavy. Immediately after telling the guys they'd be working some unpaid overtime, he also told them (before they had a chance to call their wives) that once the salon opened, their wives would be given free manicures and pedicures. How cool is that? So for the last several months I've been hoarding my gift certificate, waiting until I felt Dawson was old enough (and I was brave enough) to leave him with Matt and the kids for awhile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Bible Study Day!

I'm so excited about this new Bible study. Back when I was reading the LPM blog about this Esther study, I didn't really think I was gonna have the opportunity to do anytime soon, but here we are. Was that a run-on sentence?, I don't care, even if it is.

Dawson is sitting in his seat humming with distress. It's actually very cute, so it's unfortunate that he usually does it as a prelude to crying. Well, this time might be different. I just looked at him and it looks like he might be trying to communicate with the Sesame Street puppets on TV, Oscar at the moment. It's hard telling, but he doesn't look upset, just intense.

And Kellar, silly boy, is under the chairs by our front door so he can soak up all the heat coming up through the ducts. Only his little head is sticking out, oh wait, no, he pulled that in, too. I know I'm grossly biased, but my children are so cute.

(Let it be said that the last statement was made while no one was fighting. Or screaming. Sesame Street rocks. God bless the makers of that wonderful institution who makes sanity possible for parents everywhere.)

Back to the Bible study. The countdown to escape time has begun. Around 4pm on Mondays I start feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. Only two more hours 'til Bible Study!! So thus it is this Monday. No matter what craziness awaits me when I'm done, it has been worth it every time.

Ah, another worthy child-moment. Kellar is now "reading" (as only a 2 year can) an Elmo book to the baby. Although I think the special-ness has been lost on Dawson, whose humming has escalated to "ooh"ing as perhaps my final warning to get off the computer.

That's all right. Just...1 hour and 42 minutes left. *Wide grin*