Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nelleigh's Room

I have this adorable teenage friend named Nelleigh. She has the coolest room. She picked the boldest, most glam color of purple for her walls, henceforth renamed Audrey Eggplant (nod to hannaH).

A while back, Nelleigh gave me permission to pretend I was a photographer from Better Homes and Gardens (or Country Living, if that's more your style--yeehaw!) and snap away at her stunning digs.

Black and white photographs pop against the bold wall color while the hydrangeas keep everything balanced.

Her shoes match her room, and incidentally, bridge the gap between playful girl and sophisticated young woman.

Another brief glimpse at the little girl lingering within...

More clean white adds freshness and pop.

Can anyone else feel the love of all things Paris?

Other than the thrilling purple walls, one of my favorite parts of her room is her converted closet. The inside walls have been painted with chalkboard paint and filled with personal chalk inscriptions:

Behind her bedroom door, her necklaces multitask: organization meets decor. Ah now, here's a girl after me own heart.

A curved mirror tops off her antique dresser, both of them helping to balance all the white accents. Near her ceiling are painted Bible verses, keeping them within sight at all times. I love the way the pink paint of yesteryear is allowed to seep through and create a perfect vintage patina.

A glowing Eiffel Tower and some white Christmas lights create an ethereal atmosphere.

Ah Nelleigh, thank you dear, for letting us peek into your room. I know that I'll be back whenever I need a little aesthetic refreshment.

"Paris is always a good idea." ~Audrey Hepburn