Friday, January 30, 2009

My Manicure--Part 2 As Long as the Baby Stays Asleep

Ooh, he's already awake as I begin to type. And while it's true that I've become quite good at the One-Handed Type (and with either hand--how ambidextrous of me!) I still much prefer using both hands. So we'll see how much of the story I get through.

Perhaps not. Holding and typing is one thing. Nursing and typing is too much for me to finish a whole story. I think I'll let it die. Suffice it to say, I did get my nails done, they were beautiful, and I'm definitely going back soon. After all, I only used half of my gift certificate.

Perhaps next time I'll transfer my attentions to enthralling tales of being housebound with my darlings for two days. If you can believe it, they spent most of the past 48 hours at least half naked while "the biggest winter storm Indiana has seen in over ten years" has blanketed our town. Evidently their bodies think they were born on a tropical island somewhere. Either that, or I have the heater and the humidifier up too high.

And to all a goodnight.

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