Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Bible Study Day!

I'm so excited about this new Bible study. Back when I was reading the LPM blog about this Esther study, I didn't really think I was gonna have the opportunity to do anytime soon, but here we are. Was that a run-on sentence?, I don't care, even if it is.

Dawson is sitting in his seat humming with distress. It's actually very cute, so it's unfortunate that he usually does it as a prelude to crying. Well, this time might be different. I just looked at him and it looks like he might be trying to communicate with the Sesame Street puppets on TV, Oscar at the moment. It's hard telling, but he doesn't look upset, just intense.

And Kellar, silly boy, is under the chairs by our front door so he can soak up all the heat coming up through the ducts. Only his little head is sticking out, oh wait, no, he pulled that in, too. I know I'm grossly biased, but my children are so cute.

(Let it be said that the last statement was made while no one was fighting. Or screaming. Sesame Street rocks. God bless the makers of that wonderful institution who makes sanity possible for parents everywhere.)

Back to the Bible study. The countdown to escape time has begun. Around 4pm on Mondays I start feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. Only two more hours 'til Bible Study!! So thus it is this Monday. No matter what craziness awaits me when I'm done, it has been worth it every time.

Ah, another worthy child-moment. Kellar is now "reading" (as only a 2 year can) an Elmo book to the baby. Although I think the special-ness has been lost on Dawson, whose humming has escalated to "ooh"ing as perhaps my final warning to get off the computer.

That's all right. Just...1 hour and 42 minutes left. *Wide grin*

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Angela said...

yeah for Bible Study!! :)