Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Manicure--Part 1

Back in August when I was still very pregnant and awaiting Dawson's arrival, Matt had to work nights putting in the lovely floors at a new nail salon. I've gotten used to him working at night from time to time, but what was unexpected this time was just how long these nights were. He was supposed to be getting home around midnight, and it turned into 4am or 5am. Now, I know that I wouldn't have been seeing him during these hours anyway, but seeing as how as was very pregnant and expecting to go into labor at any moment, I wasn't exactly happy when he called me to break the news. However, the owner was saavy. Immediately after telling the guys they'd be working some unpaid overtime, he also told them (before they had a chance to call their wives) that once the salon opened, their wives would be given free manicures and pedicures. How cool is that? So for the last several months I've been hoarding my gift certificate, waiting until I felt Dawson was old enough (and I was brave enough) to leave him with Matt and the kids for awhile.

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