Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Camping We Shall Go

Lest you think I've just been lazy the last week or so, let me set the record straight:

I went camping for four days and three nights with four children.

Thank you.

Here's how I used my time during the last week and a half:

Making lists
Buying food
Buying supplies
Packing clothes
Packing food
Packing supplies
Packing bedding
Packing the van
Getting directions
Watching the kids while the men set up camp
etc etc etc
**Horseback riding--yay!!
Braving the bathhouse
Washing children in the bathhouse
Getting children to sleep in the tent
Sitting around a campfire with friends
Keeping children warm through the night
Waking up cold
Dressing children in the cold morning light
Eating breakfast wearing a hoodie, huddled around the fire
Changing children's clothes as the day got hot
More hiking
Respite from the afternoon heat in the GAME ROOM (yay, airconditioning!)
"Saving" children from the ravine behind the playground; they weren't grateful
etc etc etc
Packing, packing, packing
Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking
Dealing with children who want to be outside all the time, but can't because we don't live in a tent.
Homeschooling while doing lots of wood-smokey laundry

One very unique aspect of this trip is that I didn't take a single picture. I had remembered to bring my camera, sure. And for the first day or so, I kept thinking I should be snapping away at all the beautiful trees, the well-positioned water spout, and the horses. But I just couldn't bring myself to do so. I was afraid that if I started taking pictures, I might be taking away from the experience. My personality is such that I find ways of disconnecting from groups of people and watching from an emotional distance as I do some other mental activity. Although I love people, love talking and interacting, the introvert side of me is very good at "hiding" emotionally, oftentimes without me realizing I'm doing it. So I kept my camera in the van and managed to feel like I'd actually been there. A revelation, for sure.

In lieu of having pictures to share, my plan is to post an interview with my camping buddy Edie.
She filled the role of Mistress of the Morning Pancakes. It should be quite enjoyable, as Edie often is. So wait with bated breath, faithful reader. Satisfaction is forthcoming.

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Jon.Dieterman said...

I know what you mean about picture taking and (for me anyway) using it as an excuse to detach. I used to be against pictures in general as (after a while) you forget the actual memory and only remember what it looked like in a photo. I still feel that way somewhat. Can't wait for the Edie interview.