Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sure fire signs it's an Indiana Indian Summer

Cook out food. Definitely makes you believe it's still the height of summer, even when the evenings are getting dark by 8 o'clock.

Kids wearing sandals (or wandering around barefoot) and showing off their popsicle tongues.

Vegetables from the garden...sittin' pretty on my counter.

And then of course, "School" pictures. I love my camera so much that I've more or less decided that we're never doing "professional" pictures again. Besides, my kids sit much better for me than they would for any other person alive. Don't you agree?

Of course, I didn't post the out-takes. They weren't quite as spectacular, although they were much funnier. Chandler sulking because he didn't WANT to take just one more picture. Kellar sticking his tongue out at me. Dawson trying to crawl away. Nadia's hair looking ever so slightly disorganized. Ah, the dance that is photographing children.


Chris said...

I just realized that I've used up all my readily available pictures...which means it's back to real writing again.


Anonymous said...

Sweet chillun'... and cute, too!
(That's 'children' for y'all who don't have southern roots.)

Grandma Jane