Monday, February 9, 2009

Naptime Talk with Nadia

It's the beginning of naptime at our house. As I leaned over Nadia (age 3) a few minutes ago, she started rubbing my eyebrow with her finger. We had the following brief conversation:

Nadia: Mommy, your eyes are blue.

Me: Yes, and yours are brown. You got your brown eyes from Daddy, and I got my blue eyes from Grandma and Grandpa Inman. Their's are blue, too.

Nadia: No Mommy, my eyes are not brown. They are like yours.

Me: No, yours are brown.

Nadia: No, they're like yours. Just like yours.

Me: You think so, huh? Okay.

Nadia: Mommy, your eyebrows feel like hair.

Me: That's because they *are* hair.

Nadia: (sighing happily) Ahhhh...they feel warm...and fuzzy.

Me: (laughing) Well, uh, thank you.


Sita said...

I'm just popping by because I saw your comment on books on LPM blog. I read The far Pavilion a long time ago--so long I can't remember the plot, but I do remember I loved it and M.Kayes other books as well--so you inspired me to go check them out in the library again. There was a movie made on that book btw. ANyway, blessings!

Sasha said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much for the comment and sweet compliment on my blog! What a sweet thing to hear. :) You just absolutely made my day today!

You've got a cute blog, and fun stuff on it too! You're life sounds like a lot of fun with four sweet little darlings running around you!! Isn't life with little ones an adventure? Thanks for letting me peek- stop by mine anytime, and welcome! :)
Take care!